Bring the entire care picture into focus.

Pixel Care reduces costs and improves operational efficiency by connecting the patient and pharmacy to your EMR. Instantly streamline benefits investigation and authorization, patient counseling, outreach, and medication management.

Developed by experts and backed by the latest technology, Pixel is the future of connected care.

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Pixel reduces patient stress - and callbacks

Pixel reduces patient stress – and callbacks

54% of patients admit they are somewhat to very anxious about the timely delivery of their cycle medications. With Pixel Care, providers can follow patients’ real-time care journey with built-in resources to save hours of consultation time.

* Clinic Site A, 2022
* Clinic Site A, 2022

Connected care team

24/7 support with benefits verification and prior authorizations to lighten your administrative burden. Licensed professionals available on-demand to answer patient questions and provide injection training.
Connected Care Team

Medication compliance

Connect your EMR to the dispensing pharmacy for patient prescription transparency. You can monitor your patient’s prescription status, know what medications have been administered and when, and receive delivery information from Pixel Logistics.
Medication Compliance
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Manage your medication workflow with Pixel Dashboard

  • View the status of all medications associated with a patient’s treatment regimen, and know the dates and times of prior and future administrations.
  • Receive instant status updates of every medication or order as they move through the Pixel workflow from data entry to received by the patient.
Manage your medication workflow with Pixel Dashboard
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Track everything from prescription through delivery

Gain transparency into the entire lifecycle of each shipment, from writing the script through delivery. Access real-time information through our interactive logistics dashboard.

Track everything from prescription through delivery

After receiving my medications I was overwhelmed. However, my phone call felt very personal with a one on one experience. Nurse Lauren, who took her time in walking me through the meds. I very much appreciated her calm, patient demeanor when explaining every step to me. I highly recommend, thumbs up.”

– Patient, Sarah A.

Pixel has really become our patient portal – something our current EMR doesn’t do very well. The investment we made in it has provided a benefit to our practice and our patients. Our nurses really like it.

– Provider, St. Louis, MO

A lot of information gets exchanged between the physician’s office and the pharmacy during a treatment cycle. It can be confusing for both the pharmacist and the patient. Pixel’s digital connectivity and communication tools help to reduce the risk of error.

– Pharmacist, Scottsdale, AZ

Really love their Open The Box calls or Zoom Video Meetings to go over all your medications, what they do, how to take them, side effects, etc. Really help make overwhelming data feel manageable.”

– Patient, Samantha H.

See how Pixel Care can radically enhance your practice while saving you time & money.